Welcome to BarkBase, an open-access dog epigenomic resource supported by the NIH Office of Research Infrastructure (ORIP) and hosted by the Karlsson Lab.

Accessing BarkBase data is easy:

  1. Click on tissue of interest to identify ATAC-seq and RNA-seq data sets available, or click on tissue name to highlight it.

  2. Choose Adult, Fetal, and/or Cell Line data.

  3. Compile a list of as many ATAC-seq and RNA-seq data sets as you wish, and download them to your computer.

  4. Click on the WGS button to download accompanying Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) data for each dog.

Data files provided on this website, as well as additional analysis files, are also available at our data site. Sequencing data underlying all these files is available through NCBI as BioProject PRJNA396033.

If you use BarkBase, please cite our paper.
BarkBase: Epigenomic Annotation of Canine Genomes
Kate Megquier, Diane P. Genereux, Jessica Hekman, Ross Swofford, Jason Turner-Maier, Jeremy Johnson, Jacob Alonso, Xue Li, Kathleen Morrill, Lynne J. Anguish, Michele Koltookian, Brittney Logan, Claire R. Sharp, Lluis Ferrer, Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, Vicki N. Meyers-Wallen, Andrew Hoffman, and Elinor K. Karlsson. Genes, 2019, 10, 433; doi:10.3390/genes10060433

A special thank you to the families who chose to participate in the Deceased Dog Donation program at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine after losing their beloved dog. Your gift is supporting countless research projects into diseases that affect both dogs and their people.

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